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Designed to collect, inspire and share, Palas creates authentically handcrafted jewellery with personal meaning using words and symbols as gestures of love and inspiration.

Anna Dimond founded Palas Jewellery with her sister Eran Svigos more than 20 years ago and has evolved her vision to now focus on creating jewellery that connects, bonds and inspires.

With manufacturing bases in Indonesia, China and Italy, Anna continues to design and produce each Palas collection with integrity, inspired by her passion for travel, family and friends.

The Palas brand represents a growing consciousness to communicate love and positivity across all aspects of life.

Whether it’s a unique symbol, a heartfelt word or a mantra to live by, Palas jewellery is designed to be curated by and for the wearer and layered to create a personal collection, reflecting your own individual style and life experience.

Thank you for connecting with Palas Jewellery, we are so glad we have found one another…

Light and love,

The Palas Team x

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