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Macarena is made in Calzados Laro, a family business founded in 1972 that has revolutionized the footwear market since 1996 specializing in the use of jute. Our company has extensive facilities where expert craftsmen and the most advanced technologies are merged with innovation and design to create collections of quality, attractive and full of personality.

The result is that our brand, Macarena, is on all continents from Europe, America, Asia or Africa. In addition we have gained the trust of the leading national and international fashion brands of reference, manufacturing espadrilles for their collections.


In Macarena we manufacture with natural materials of first quality. That is, our specialty is jute.

Jute is a shrub 2 to 4 m tall, the rigid and fibrous trunk 2 cm in diameter branches at the top. From it jute fibers are extracted that have a length of 1 to 4 meters. Footwear soles are made with them.

Jute is highly resistant, natural, whose mechanical and physical properties make shoes very comfortable, breathable, waterproof and long lasting.

We could continue talking about jute but what we really know, is making espadrilles with it.

Yute Macarena Shoes


From the first moment we bet on hand-stitched jute shoes in a totally handmade way. Obtaining in all our models quality, design, craftsmanship and fashion.


In 1996 we specialize in the use of jute, valuing comfort, style and design and creating collections with a strong personality and unquestionable appeal.

From simple designs, casual with natural materials, other attractive and elegant like velvet or technical fabrics like onTex®.

Passion moves us so we take care of every detail and we have the most expert espadrille-man that make our products a guarantee of quality, comfort and trend. In addition we incorporate the most advanced technologies to the jute, like the new waterproof technology that allows us to make the first espadrilles of jute resistant to the water.

The comfort is not at odds with height, so in Macarena we are committed to originality by designing jute wedges, achieving sophisticated and different models.

The sport trend is fashionable and in Macarena we have designed a line of sneakers with jute platforms being faithful to our style.


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