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"Fragrance has the power to transform every moment. To put life in an illuminating light, no matter the occasion or simply no occasion at all.

I believe that beautiful fragrances can change a mood, transform a room and create an emotional escape. So I embarked on a journey fuelled by passion and blind faith. I created fragrances that could take you to another world.

And as I created, I realised that every element of a place or time can be brought to life with scent. It's possible to create a world with fine fragrance and pour it into a glass so you can travel to bolder and brighter worlds.

So close your eyes, open your imagination and step through our doorways of escapism..."

- Nicole Eckels, Glasshouse Fragrances Co-Founder & Creative Director

We craft more than candles, diffusers, bath & body products; we create doorways. Close your eyes. Open your imagination. And let us take you somewhere wonderful...

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